PMS3D society was created by Mr Jean-Claude LÉVEILLÉ, Surveyor.
With aerial or  terrestrial photos and PMS3D you view objects in stereo. 
PMS3D offer easy, intuitive and powerful solutions to measure and work in a real 3D stereocopic space under Autocad©.
We choose Autocad ©.as 3D graphic platform because it is the leading world cad application. We develop application on this graphic engine useful for architect, civil work, surveyors, metrology
PMS3D society, create and commercialise software and hardware useful to add the stereoscopic dimension to objects.

PMS3D Photogrammetry Software

The photogrametry software PMS3D is composed of Arx modules and drivers running under  AUTOCAD ©.
With it you can Calibrate and work with aerial or terrestrial photo shown in stereo.
Aérotriangulation is done in true 3D and accept block of up to 2000 photos. The focal of camera can be take as unknown.
You can calibrate in a true 3D Space up to 2000 photos (using of standard camera is possible) in a simple way.
A driver to view big tiff files have been write. So you can load and work with 1000 raster files easily. For that, these files must be tilled and built with pyramids. We give a tools to do that.

PMS3D modules:

  • The Base Module. It include menu and the stereo driver (stereoOpenGl.hdi) to view photos in stereo. You can calibrate photos two by two and capture Autocad vectors and objects. Aérotriangulation work with up to 4 photos. It include driver to connect 3DMousse or multi mouse for moving the cursor in 3 3D way (depth).
  • The aerotriangulation module is able to compute up to 2000 photos in one block.
  • Orthophoto module is used to orthorectify photos. It need DTM that can be 3DFACE or POLYMESH. You must give the DTM. The projection is not necessarily horizontal; it can be vertical or oblique.
  • The mosaic module. It calculate and compute colorimetric of photos; calculate automatic seam lines that you can modify and extract rectangular images of the result.

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